Almost Spring

The weather is finally starting to get warmer here. This winter wasn’t really that bad though. There wasn’t much snow, and not many polar vortex days if any. Spring and fall tend to be the time of year when I get sick though. Whenever the weather starts changing, my body has trouble adapting. Most recently, I got another cold that lasted almost a week. I ended up having to visit the doctor because I came down with pink eye. That’s not an experience I’ve ever had before, and it’s been a struggle for me not rub my eyes because they’re irritated. The antibiotic eye drops I received though seem to be doing the job.

In happier news, I got hired full-time at my job. I’m no longer a temp or contractor which is exciting. I’m going to start receiving benefits. Hopefully now I can put some more energy into making some of my other goals happen. I’ll have some PTO time to travel which is high on my list. I might even be able to move out. We’ll see what happens!

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